More Quilt Show Catch-up

I can’t believe it’s November already!  Fall is flying by!  No sooner was the quilt show over than I had to resume work on 2 projects that are due very shortly.   First I’m working on a quilt commissioned by my husband’s family to celebrate his paternal grandmother’s 90th birthday.  Grandmom is an amazing woman.  I swear she’s more active at 90 than I am at 46!  The idea for the quilt came from my mother-in-law.  On it are 90 reasons (solicited from all the family members) why we all love Grandmom!   I have a week and a half to finish it before the big birthday party!  So I better get back to work.  I’ll post pictures as soon as it’s done!

At the same time, I am working on a sister quilt to Driftwood which was commissioned by American Quilter Magazine.  It will be published sometime next year.  Unfortunately I will not be able to publish pictures of it until it’s published.  All I can say is that the colors are absolutely yummy!  Stay tuned!

 So that’s why I haven’t gotten around to post more pics from the quilt show as promised – but here are a few more images:

As you enter the show, you walk through our Member Boutique with lots of handmade items to purchase.  Here is the Christmas section.


A glimpse of just some of the 200 amazing quilts that were on display.  The show is not judged, but we do award Viewer’s Choice ribbons.  It was a very difficult decision!


The 2009 Bag Challenge.  Members were challenged to make a quilt to reflect any kind of bag.


Attendees stuffed the cans at our Tricky Tray of Mini Quilts.  We had 50 to choose from in all different styles.


Finally, here is a small sampling of our October 2009 Bra Brigade Challenge.  That’s mine with the yellow and black caution tape wrapped around the midriff of the bust.  It’s called “Booby Trap”  I used a nursing bra with a mouse trap under the right flap and a heart under the left flap.  Breat cancer – Keep Out!  We sold 2011 calendars made from professional photographs of all of the quilts to raise money for the local Cancer Center.  There may still be a few left.  Contact me if you are interested.


There will be one more posting on the show!  We had some very special guests on Friday!  Back in a few days!


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