Quilts in the Mill Photos

Better late than never!  Nearly 3 weeks after the show ended and I’m finally catching up on things!  The next few posts will give you a glimpse of the show.  We had almost 950 attendees over 3 days.  Not bad for nearly getting rained out.  If you weren’t able to attend this time, hopefully this will tempt you for next time – Oct 5, 6, 7 2012.  Might as well mark your calendar now!  Disclaimer: I stepped in in the spring to co-chair this show just past and am already the co-chair for the next show.

These are 3 of the Prallsville Mills buildings that we used for the show this year.  For the past 8 shows we have used 3 levels of just the 2 larger ones (which are connected on the inside), but this year we spread out to 4 buildings.   The mill is in Stockton, NJ right on the Delaware River.  It’s a quaint little town and just beautiful in the fall.

Prallsville Millsentrance.jpgsawmill.jpg

Here is the back of the grist mill.  On Friday, the river threatened to rise overnight up to the red door on the far right.  The mill management, worried about flooding, offered space in the Wheel House (the gray building to the far right in the picture above.)  So any guild member who happened to be there at 5:00 on Friday helped to move the 4 vendors that had set up in the lower level of the white building.  Talk about a great volunteer effort!  The vendors could not get over over how quickly we helped them move and get set up again!


Here’s the raging Delaware that threatened to knock on our back door!


The next post will have more pictures from the inside.


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