Final Quilt Show Post

OK, this is it, finally!  Last post about the show!

On Friday, the first day of the show, we had some very special guests!  Jodie Davis, host of  and Mark Lipinski came to shoot some segments for their show.  We had only found out about their interest about a week prior, so natually we were all in a tizzy! 

They filmed a segment about the Bra Brigade exhibit. My crazy bra, “Booby Trap” got a close-up shot!

Jodie interviewed member, Jayne Stoll, in our Storybook Quilt exhibit.  The interview took place as they were seated at a children’s table and chair set, which belongs to my boys – who no longer fit at it!  The Storybook Quilts is a collection of 18 quilts which were made by members to accompany the children’s books they are pictured in.  The books and quilts travel around to local schools and libraries for the children to enjoy.


They also filmed a segment with Mark interviewing 5 guild members (yours truly included) about the reasons someone would want to join a guild.  We had to make several takes – it was just like a real film set, with director, camera man etc.and it wasn’t easy!  Can’t wait to see whether or not if I ended up on the cutting room floor!  The segments are due to start airing on right about now.  Unfortunately, it’s one of those sites, that you have to be a paying member to watch, kind of like having to subscribe to HBO.  They also have a show about longarm quilting which I’ve been wanting to see – so maybe I should join now and see if I made it in the show!  Let me know if you see the show and you see me!

So that marks the end of my posts about the show – 23 months and counting until the next one!  Better get started!


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