Engineering vs. Art


 My son came across this definition on an educational/fun website yesterday.  Never thought about it this way:

Engineering is design with function.  Art is design without function.”

So I can finally answer the question, “Am I an engineer or an artist?” The straight answer would be:  “If I am designing a bed quilt, I am an engineer.  If I am designing a wall-hanging, I am an artist.” 

But nothing is ever that simple!  Regardless of what I am designing, I know that I first approach the task as an artist, drawing what I think looks pleasing to the eye.  Then I put on my engineer’s hat and figure out how in the world I’m going to construct it!  For me, it usually means eliminating as many seams as possible while at the same time making it realistic to sew.  This often means some tweaking of the original design, playing with the geometry and developing a new technique (to me at least!)  No surprise:  this is the part I like most!  

The funny thing is, the course I liked least in college was Mechanical Drawing/Drafting!  I’ll blame it on the professor – he couldn’t have made it less inspiring! (but then again I don’t know how he could have made it more exciting either!)

Just a little food for thought on this holiday weekend!  Now I have to get back to the real food!  We’re having friends over later and I have to get cooking!  Happy 4th!


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