Home again!

Just got back yesterday from 2  weeks in Estonia spending time with family and attending my cousin’s  wedding.  The time was too short and too filled to post blogs in real time – so this year I’m doing it afterwards.  For the next week or so I’ll be posting about our adventures!

This was my fifth time in Estonia since the coutry re-gained independence in ’91.  Amazingly, my boys have been there 3 times already – all in the last 5 years.  Each time we go it gets more and more comfortable and easierto settle in.  We stay with my first cousin, Ulle and her husband, Mati in the small house my father helped to build before he died way too early of lung cancer.  The house sits on the family homestead in the countryside outside of Parnu, the summer capital of Estonia.  My unlce Peter, his wife, Milvi, and their grown children, Annika and Andres also call this home. 

Although we spent 3 weeks visiting just last year, we couldn’t not come again this summer.  A month after we got home last summer, I got the expected phone call from Liina, that she and her Norwegian boyfriend, Harald, were getting married.  Much to Liina’s dismay, he waited until after we got home from that long-planned trip to propose.  I think secretly Harald knew I couldn’t resist another trip back!

Anyway, I have more photos and memories to share once I get myself a little organized and re-oriented.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing all the stories, but I really can’t wait to see pics of the quilt and hear that story!! Have been missing reading posts, so I’m really happy there will be blogging again!

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