It’s Ok to Cut Corners!

That top secret project I mentioned last time is coming along nicely.  Of course, now that the boys are out of school, finding time to sew is a bit more challenging – but it will get done – somehow!

It’s 9:45 on Sunday night, the boys are finally in bed!  I’ve been wanting to write about a template set I saw demonstrated at Market and of course, just had to have – the “Cutting Corners” template set by Toby Lischko of Gateway Quilts & Stuff.

 Cutting Corners Template

Unlike many templates that are meant just for one particular quilt design, these templates make many kinds of blocks (flying geese, half square triangles, snowball blocks, etc.) just a little bit simpler! 

You know all those times, the directions tell you to draw a diagonal line across a square, sew along the line and then cut the corner off leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance?  Well, these templates eliminate the need to draw that line!  Align the template according to the directions and you will cut off the exact corner needed to leave that 1/4″ seam allowance.  Then all you have to do is sew your usual 1/4″ seam from the edge and you’re done! Presto!  Now why didn’t I think of that?!  This template set could be used with several of my patterns! 

There are two pieces in the set along with great instructions on the many uses for them.  I used the triangle templates to piece together my binding strips for the library quilt.  Worked like a charm!  Didn’t draw a single line to get those perfect diagonal seams!

Check it out at for yourself at !  While you’re there, take a look at all of Toby’s beautiful quilts and patterns.  She and I both have a love for taking the traditional and giving it a bit of a twist! 


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  1. This is a pretty darn cool ruler set–it helps with my nemesis sewing issue: joining binding strips w/ a bias seam. I can NEVER seem to make the seam come out evenly, but this tool really works!

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