Top Secret

My friend Connie e-mailed me the other day to say my blog was eerily silent, so I thought I better give a little explanation! 

SHhhhhhh!  I am working on a top secret project!!!  I can’t even blog about it because the intended receiver reads my blog!  So here’s a little hint:  we’re going to my cousin’s wedding in Estonia later this summer (yes, the Estonian one that’s marrying the Norwegian, that she met in South Africa,  who proposed in Canada!) and I have to bring a present!

I started working on the design right after I finished the library quilt.  Tons of end of school year activities ate into my time, but I finally started working on it on Monday.  Had to invent a new technique to get it to come out just the way I wanted!  Can’t wait to share – but you’ll have to wait until after the wedding! SHhhhhhhhh!!!!  Don’t tell!


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