Some exciting news to share!

Were you ever afraid to talk about some good news because you were afraid that if you did, it wouldn’t really happen?  Well that’s why I’ve only been hinting at my good news for the past month or so.  But now it’s real and I am so excited to tell you about my new venture with

Sometimes things happen when you least expect them!  Remember that workshop I took with Linda Hahn back in November?  Linda had just co-authored an Insider’s Guide to Quilting Careers with Merry May and published by none other than  Linda and I got to talking and one thing led to another.  So the story goes… is a pattern publishing company that works with lesser known, but nevertheless talented designers.  They have a retail website as well as a very successful wholesale and distributor network.   This is important for two reasons:  First, it means that my patterns will be accessible to a much larger audience – (maybe even in a store near you!) and because they do all the printing, the patterns will be a little less expensive!  I will continue to create my own designs and write up the patterns, but the hassle of printing and marketing them will be taken care of by the very capable folks at   A dream come true!

Check out their website:  and see for yourself.  Maybe you’ll discover some other quilt designers/patterns that are just calling your name!

2010 is starting off on a very exciting note!  I have a feeling this could be a very interesting year! Hope you stay for the ride!


P.S.  To be consistent, I will be lowering the prices of the patterns for sale on  Once the inventories of the original printings are depleted, I will refer all pattern sales to  The patterns are identical except that the original printings were in a more costly booklet format.   At this time, only Christmas Candy will not be available at, as I still have fabric kits available.

Santa Ornament update

Went to my guild meeting last night determined to find out who made that adorable Santa ornament that I copied 36 times! (See Dec 30 post) So, as I was talking to one of my good friends, Liz, I showed her my quest.  Wouldn’t you know it was she, who made them!  That was easy!  Turns out they originate from Eleanor Burns’ 1995 book Quilt in a Day Christmas Quilts & Crafts. 

Christmas Quilts & Crafts (Quilt in a Day)

Amazingly, it is still available at  Didn’t realize she had so many books – 4 pages worth!!!   Looks like I might have to invest in one more book, darn!

Never too early to start getting ready for Christmas!


Happy New Year to all!

Last night at the dinner table, we attempted to remember, month by month, all the highlights of this past year.  No wonder I was so tired this week!  Wow did we do a lot!  We all had trouble remembering what happened.  I’m not good at journaling, but I’m thinking about at least starting a notebook with the highlights of each year by month, so we don’t forget!

Then I started to think about the past decade and was really overwhelmed by it all.  Primarily, it was the decade we became a family with the birth of both boys (OK – so Stephen was born a month and a half earlier – but still!).  Needless to say – there was a lot of activity surrounding the family.  Then of course there was the move to NJ in 2007.  I still remember how scared I was the morning of 9/11 and what it could mean to my son’s life.  All in all, we came through the decade in good physical and financial health. 

There’s no telling what lies in store for us in the next decade, but I have a good feeling about it.  I guess the key is is to remember what is truly important in life and keep it all in perspective.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!