In like a lion, out like a lamb

March has been on heck of a month!  Every member of our family was sick for at least a week, including me.  We had our last big snowfall of the season on March 2nd.  I managed to get the shop up and running that day as well.  Managed to  attend two quilt shows in the area.  Helped to run the Cubscout Pinewood Derby Races.  Hosted 2 dinner parties and finished piecing the top for Dandelion Wine. 

Last week I even snuck in my annual physical.  I started this routine ( including my annual mammogram) when I turned 40, in hopes of catching any mid life issues early on.  Until this year, I went to the doctor with no issues to complain of.  This year I went with a list!  After a thorough examination and bloodwork – all the tests came back perfect – the diagnosis “you are just getting older.”  I turn 45  tomorrow.  I guess this is my midpoint year – is it downhill from here?  I hope not!  I am still waiting for the onset of menopause, but I can feel my body is starting to act a bit different.  As long as I am medically fit, I guess it’s a matter of mind over body!  I have to work on that!

I hope April is kinder to our family.  The kids have spring break the middle of the month and I am tired of being cold.  I am ready for spring!  The squirrels ate my tulips that started coming up, but the deer have left the daffodils alone.  Maybe I’ll go buy some pansies for color.  Do groundhogs eat pansies in pots?  I guess I’ll find out!


One thought on “In like a lion, out like a lamb

  1. Holy cow, you sound a little like me! I am coming off of a couple less-than-perfect health years. But in the last half year or so I’ve gotten serious about exercise and eating better and have really turned things around–just in time for 45. (

    I mis-guessed your b-day by 1 day! Thought it was today, so happy late-by-one-day birthday!!! Hope you had a great day and that you get to go out for a nice dinner to celebrate.

    I can totally relate to the “just getting older” tinge to things! It’s making me a bit of a hypochondriac sometimes. 🙂

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