In 24 hours, two things touched my heart in a similar way so much so that I just had to write. 

Yesterday, I was truly touched by the reception that our first lady has been receiving in London.  Between the queen’s gesture and the reaction of the girls’ school, it is so wonderful to see how the rest of the world is embracing our new leaders.  I don’t get involved in political debates, but I did follow the election and events leading up to it.  Somehow it didn’t really sink in that our new president and his wife are my contemporaries.  President Obama is only 3 years older than I.  Circumstances having been different, I told my husband last night, I could easily see myself having become friends with Mrs. Obama.  She is not unlike many of my friends – a well educated, confident career-woman, good mother and a wife in a mutually respectful and loving relationship.  She is real to me.  I liked how she put it yesterday in her talk  at the school, “…nothing in my life’s journey would have predicted that I would become the first lady of the United States…”  None of us really know what lies in store, but look how beautifully she has accepted her new role at the same time being true to herself.  I think that’s why she is being so welcomed- she appears genuine – what you see is what you get.   How refreshing!

The other thing happened when I dropped off my 9 year old son at school today (he normally takes the bus).   Last year as he started his new school, he nearly instantly befriended a girl in his class, with whom he has remained close.  She was being dropped off at nearly the same time this morning and I watched as she hurriedly ran to catch up with him with a big smile on her face.  I couldn’t see, but I guess that she was probably greeted with equal enthusiasm.  This little act may seem trivial on the surface, but it appears to me, as I’ve listened to how my son talks about his friend, that it is true friendship at its best – full of mutual respect and admiration.   In the life of a 9 year old boy, where playground friendships seem to come and go, as a mother I am just touched by the fact that he has made such an enduring and genuine friendship.  It gives me hope that he will be able to foster these types of relationships throughout his life.

I’ve said this in an earlier blog – be true to yourself  – it has to be a key to living a good and fulfilling life.

Thought for the day!  Now back to quilting!


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