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The last time I lived in New Jersey, the thought of attending a quilt show in Manhattan would have been very foreign.  Having discovered quilting in the midwest, the heart of the traditional American quilting world, I am still amazed at how much quilting is going on the NY metropolitan area.  As quilting began its resurgence in the 80’s, I’m sure it was here when I last lived here, but somehow I was oblivious to it, even though I thought I was aware of any sort of fabric store within a 100 mile radius. 

Anyway, on Saturday a couple of friends and I drove into NYC to attend the Empire Quilters’ “Urban Inspirations 2009 Quilt Show.”  It was held at the Fashion Institute of Technology in midtown Manhattan.  (I volunteered to drive because for some strange reason I am one of the few people who actually like to drive in NYC.  It’s my one risky behavior, I tell everyone!)

I have to say it was the most colorful quilt show I have ever attended.  It was great!  Much to my friend Linda’s chagrin, there wasn’t a traditional quilt to be found.  On the other hand, the quilts weren’t at the other extreme of avant garde art quilts either.  They were mostly in the middle – transitional, I’d say (right up my alley!) with a healthy helping of color.  The lighting was also very nice which accented the quilts beautifully.  There were probably 250 – 300 medium to small size quilts. 

As part of the $10 admission, there was an hour long  presentation by Paula Nadelstern on her quilting journey and her beautiful kaleidescope quilts.  If the quilts weren’t enough, that was definitely worth the price of admission.  Of course there were vendors – with quite a large array of imported fabric from all over the world -just what I’d expect from a NY quilt show.  If my weekends weren’t already full with family activities, I’d definitely consider joining the guild which meets once a month on a Saturday afternoon. 

Here are a couple of picture I took at the show to give you a glimpse.  Check out their website:

empire-quilt-show-1.jpg              empire-quilts-2.jpg

Happy Quilting!


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  1. I would have loved to hear that lecture by Paula! (I have to say that driving in NYC is not my idea of “ooh fun thing to do this weekend!”–glad you all made it home in one piece) Did you support the economy by purchasing some of that fabric from the vendors??

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