A busy week

It’s been a busy week!  Last weekend my son’s cubscout pack had their annual Pinewood Derby Race.  His den leader was in charge of the event, so needless to say my husband and I were involved in helping to run it Friday night and all day Saturday.  It’s a lot of fun for the kids and parents.  Even my 6 year old made a car.  This pack has what I think is a pretty elaborate set-up with metal tracks hooked up to a computer to capture the time and speed of the races to the third decimal place!  It’s like watchingthe Olympics!  The times and speeds for each race were even projected on a screen as the cars finished.  Pretty cool stuff!  Stephen did not win a trophy, but he was quite proud of his car – which he made by all himself.  Unfortunately, I can’t say that all of the cars were made entirely by the scout, as they should be.


Hubby left for Chicago the next day for a 3 day business trip and as usual, that’s when children get sick!  Stephen came down with a stomach bug on Monday and didn’t go back to school until Friday.  This was a lot longer than usual for him when gets a stomach bug.  So watch out – there’s something funny going around out there.  I was told that there were quite a few kids out last week

On a quilting note…  somehow I did manage to get the quilt top finished.  I am very pleased with “Dandelion Wine” – but you will have to wait just a little longer to see the final result!  Cross my fingers that everyone stays healthy this week and I can finalize the quilting design, get it basted and start quilting! 

When he was feeling a little better, Stephen also worked on his quilt.  This is his first piece made on the machine.  Not bad for a beginner!  I gave him free reign over my stash – obviously he is influenced by Mom’s color preferences!   He still wants to put a border on it and then I will show him how to quilt it.


Don’t let the stomach bug bite!


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  1. Way to go Stephen! He definitely has inherited a fabric color selection gene from his Mom! Too late on the warning for the stomach bug–I came down with it on Sunday. Ugh. Enough said.

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