Island batik – Center Blocks

I’m a bit late in getting this photo up.  These blocks have been done and on the design board for a while.   Thought I’d better get a picture before I start sewing it all together.  There’s a bit of a surprise ending that I didn’t want to spoil.  I am working on putting all of the pictures from the quilt and it’s story on one of my website pages to keep it all together.  So soon you’ll be able to see the progression all in one spot.  I am still on track to have the pattern available mid-May.  Stay-tuned…  If you think you may be at all interested in a kit, let me know that, too.  If there is enough interest, I will figure something out!

I think I finally have a name – “Dandelion Wine”  keeps dancing in my head.  The dark orange blocks are made from a dandelion block print.  It is my favorite fabric in the quilt.  Growing up in an immigrant neighborhood, I have lots of memories of neighbors making salad and wine from the weed that most people now spend a lot of money on herbicide trying to get rid of!  40 years ago, it was practically a crop in our neighborhood!


The blocks aren’t sewn together, so they are just a bit skewed.

 Island Batik Quilt - Center Blocks

2 thoughts on “Island batik – Center Blocks

  1. Wow!!!! It is REALLY smacking of the classic Helle-May style now! Woo hoo! And I love the name! Being part German, it was rhubarb wine in my neck of the woods. But my grandpa did eat dandelion greens in his salads. Now I am intrigued by the surprise ending!! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Wonderful web-site and blog. Your quilt-to-be is great as well. So happy to see your site up and am anxious to see all the neat things you will have in your store!!

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