The Blocks!


So here are the blocks.  I like the way they came out.  I like the way the colors blend, but I have to admit I’m used to working with a lot more contrast.  As one friend put it – they are definitely my colors.  I think all quilters gravitate toward a certain palette.  For me, I like working with the violet/yellow-orange/green triad.  I love the way those colors play off each other. 

As I make the initial blocks, I work out all of my pressing directions.  I think pressing direction is an important tool for making sure that seams and points line up.  Once these initial blocks are done, I complete the remaining blocks in assembly line fashion.  For me this is more efficient and time effective (Henry Ford and I would have been great friends!) and I think leads to more consistency and better piecing accuracy.    On my website I mention that in my former life, I was a production planner for several companies.  This is where profession and hobby meet!  I just can’t help it!

So I better get that assembly line moving!


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