Island Batik Quilt – Strips Cut!

Today I used 2 of my Christmas presents to show you the first step on my project.  Remember that tripod that I couldn’t figure out why in the world my husband gave me for Christmas – well it turns out that he was obviously a lot more clever than I thought (as usual!)  I set it up to take a picture of the strips and it worked beautifully.  I almost felt like a professional photographer!  (Now all I need are the umbrella lights…. just kidding!)  I guess I’ll be using that tripod a lot more than I thought!

The other Christmas present that I used was the book “Digital Essentials”  by Gloria Hansen to properly size the image you are seeing today.  Gloria is a fantastic contemporary quilter who knows a ton about digital imaging and everything computer/internet related.  She is truly my idol.  Gloria also has her own website hosting/creation company.  I had contacted her last year regarding setting this whole thing up for me.  Alas, expertise comes at a price.  I probably would have had everything up a running beautifully by now, but I also would not have learned so much.  It’s a trade-off!  One day I hope to have become successful enough (read: have made some money) so that she can redo my site professionally.  Anyway, I highly recommend her book for novices like me.

So here are the strips I am just waiting to start sewing with.  Aren’t the colors yummy! I’m still trying to come up with a name for the quilt.  Given that the primary line I’m working with is called Sangria and all of the motifs are from the garden (butterflies, dandelions, leaves, etc.),  I’m thinking about something like Garden Party, Cocktails at Sunset, Sangria Sunset.  Any other suggestions?  I know I haven’t revealed the actual quilt yet – but I like the idea of a mystery quilt!

Island Batik Quilt - Cut Strips

Ok, now that I’ve show you the strips – I can start sewing!


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