Winter is here!

Last Sunday, with a little prodding, my husband sacrificed watching his beloved Eagles’ game (not to worry – he taped it)to put the Christmas lights on the roof.  After all it was 65 degrees out!  Didn’t think we were going to get another opportunity like that!

Sure enough!  Here’s what it looked like yesterday afternoon!  It’s cold enough that it will be white for a few days!


And here are those pretty Christmas lights!


Ironically, yesterday was also our planned day to put up our “Snow Village.”  How pretty it looked with a backdrop of real snow in the window behind it!       Helle-May



One thought on “Winter is here!

  1. OK, brace yourself–here’s my take on this snow stuff: BAH! Humbug! DH got in a fender bender yesterday. There goes the deductible; there goes our lovely, low insurance rate. Why do I live in the Midwest? WHY? (you can interject your own abject misery sound effects here). DH is fine, car is not. Neither is wife. Sigh.

    But your decorations and pics are quite festive!

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