Do you EQ? I do!

Woke up this morning to find that the folks at EQ had posted a blog about Dandelion Wine.  How cool!  They had contacted me back in September when the magazine first came out – guess it was my turn!

For those of you who EQ,  you already know that their website has a wealth of information.  Just in case you didn’t – check it out:    For those of you don’t EQ – you really should – just be forewarned, it’s addicting!!! 🙂

 Just like a weed, Dandelion Wine, keeps popping up everywhere!  The kind people at Island Batik also have it posted at the gate of their Gallery on their website.

 Dandelion Wine is now happily hanging in my family room against a backdrop of freshly painted green wall.  The color is Sherwin Williams “Burlap” and despite the name is a very pretty shade of mossy/olive green. 

 Wonder where it’s going to pop up next?   I know….


One thought on “Do you EQ? I do!

  1. Let me just say that this recognition is well deserved!!! Woo hoo! Now where’s a picture of your freshly painted wall with the “weed” on it???

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