Driftwood is coming along

Check out the website  www.HelleMayDesigns.com  for an updated picture in the Driftwood journey.  I have put together one block for preview.  The colors are playing nicely together.  A little re-engineering of the block and I was able to achieve a set-in seam look without the set-in seams!  A little trick up my sleeve that I’ll explain in the pattern.  Happily, I’m still on track to get it done on time (quilt and pattern by the end of September.)

When I’m not sewing, I’m trying to pick a paint color to paint the family room (my project after the quilt is done.)  I don’t understand why I can put fabrics together with relative ease, but agonize over paint color!    I finally found a fabric that I  fell in love with to make upholstered cornices and drapery panels from JCPenney’s, but finding a complimentary paint color is killing me!  You know it’s bad when you walk into the paint store and the guys go – “You’re back again?!”  Right now my walls are a patchwork of those $5 paint can samples.  

Then I realized I would have to piece the cornice fabric to make the length I needed.  It is a paisley print and will have to be matched.  I was fretting over the seams showing, when my husband casually remarked, “Why don’t you just quilt over it?  That’s what you do when you don’t want your quilt block seams to show.”  I shot him one of those “Are you crazy?!!” looks and then I started thinking, he may be onto something!  Since I have to put batting behind the fabric anyway, why not quilt around the large motifs to give it some dimension before stretching it over the board.  Has anyone done that or seen that done?  So even when I’m taking a break from quilting – I might be quilting!


2 thoughts on “Driftwood is coming along

  1. The block is BEAUTIFUL!!! I know blue is not your color, but you are sure playing nicely with it on this quilt!!

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