Home Sweet Home

What a summer!  The boys and I were on the go for 7 weeks straight!  3 weeks in Estonia, 3 weeks of summer camps and 1 week visiting friends in Chicagoland.  And there’s still 5 more weeks of summer left!  The kids don’t go back until September 9th!

This last trip to the Chicago area was spent visiting friends from when we lived there 2 years ago, including my old quilting  friends, the “Quilter Bees.”  I am very lucky to have found a new hive to call home with new quilty friends in NJ, but there’s nothing like going back to the original hive! 

Upon my return from Chicago, I received the remainder of the fabric I need for Driftwood.  My friends were very enthusiastic about the new design, so I am encouraged.  On Friday, I was trying to finish up my trial block.  Unfortunately, my sewing machine was not cooperating. After changing the needle and  checking out the bobbin case, I realized my baby might need a little extra TLC.  I regularly clean out the bobbin area, but I knew I was overdue for a proper cleaning.  Fortunately, my local sew & vac store services Janome (I sew on a Janome 6600)  and was able to turn my baby around in just a day.  He was surprised to see how clean the bobbin case was, but he said it was a different story when he removed the bottom plate!  That’s when he said he realized I really was a sewer!  I will admit, she hasn’t been serviced since we moved, nearly 2 years ago!  Ladies (and gentlemen!), don’t forget to take care of your machine!

So, now it’s time for some serious sewing! Other than a few day trips with the kids (and hopefully husband!), I plan to spend my mornings sewing and my afternoons doing some serious yard work.  It’s amazing how much weeds can grow in just 7 weeks, especially with all the rain we’ve had!  The planting beds were nearly spotless before we left for Estonia in June!  Oh well!

That’s all the news for now!


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  1. Must be a crabby time for machines–my Featherweight (who has never had an upset moment) seriously balked on me over the weekend! After much troubleshooting (all the usual suspects: rethreading, new needle, cleaning out) it still would just stop forming a stitch after about 4 inches of flawless sewing. Turns out the belt on the motor has evidently started to wear to the point of intermittent failure–time to order a new belt.

    I may have to pop the bottom off of my 6600 and clean out under there, too! I could eat off of my bobbin compartment (ha ha) but I haven’t looked underneath in a long while.

    It was great seeing you!!!!

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