Survival of the fittest!

Well, I managed to survive being a Cub Scout Day Camp Counselor for a week!  I never imagined it would be so mentally and physically exhausting!  Fortunately, the weather cooperated.  There were a total of 90 boys at the camp and my co-counselor and I had 10 of the youngest: 6-8 year olds.  It was their (and our) first time at such a camp and on Monday I think we were all overwhelmed.  After 5 days together we had all learned the ropes (literally and figuratively) and managed to have a busy and fun week.

We did lots of fun things including learning to shoot beebee guns, having a try at archery, several woodworking projects, building and shooting  c engine rockets and a lot more.  I was going to post our group shot, but I hesitate publishing a picture of other people’s kids without their permission.  Just trust me that they were cute when they wanted to be!   There were a lot of challenging moments with our kids, but then they’d redeem themselves singing funny cub scout songs and flawlessly perforning the end of camp skit they were reluctant to practice! 

The best thing was to be there and experience camp with my boys.  Andrew was in my group and Stephen was in another older group.  If asked if I’ll do it again next summer – I’ll let you know!

Despite coming home exhausted, I managed to finish the design and select the fabrics for the next Island Batik quilt.  I have a very short timeline to get this one done since Fall Market is earlier this year and they want the quilt in California by Oct 5th.   I am working with a color palette outside my normal – so it should be interesting.  I will be starting a new page on my website so you can follow it’s journey from start to finish.

This is my first full week at home since summer began.  I have a lot of catching up to do!  The house is a disaster!


One thought on “Survival of the fittest!

  1. OK–the camp thing sounds slightly insane! My own kids make me a little nuts! Can’t imagine having THAT MANY around for that long! Sainthood can’t be far off for you!

    Now–“Driftwood”–*love* the name and the fabrics are to die for!! I think I’m going to like this one! Funny, I have a ton of blue fabric in my stash–I find blues I like all the time and can’t resist buying some–but they don’t find their way into my quilts too often.

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