Home Sweet Home

We arrived back in the USA on Thursday afternoon.  (My last post was actually written from home.)  Leaving after such an extended visit is always bittersweet.  Although the boys and I were probably ready to go home, it is hard to imagine that we won’t be seeing our Estonian relatives again for at least a couple of years.  This is primarily due to the high cost of the airfare.

We had a fantastic time!  For three weeks, it was non-stop get-togethers, excursions, and other assorted adventures.  It was a lot of fun, but certainly not restful! 

I know that since the boys are a bit older this time, the memories of everyone that they met and all that they did will surely stick this time.  I am happy that they felt so comfortable and at home in Estonia.  An outsider looking in at any of the get togethers would never guess that the boys didn’t see their Estonian relatives on a regular basis.  For me that is a wonderful feeling.  In addition to feeling comfortable, I know that they learned a lot: 

They learned how to amuse themselves without TV, video games, or a room full of their favorite toys:  They both picked up a hammer and saw and every chance they got, spent time building many interesting items from scrap wood and nails.

They learned how exciting it is to try new foods and find they really like them: Andrew learned how to peel and enjoy whole shrimp (with the heads still on!)

They learned how to pick wild strawberries in the forest and build a fire to cook sausages!

They learned how to communicate with people when there was a language barrier.  I think Stephen started to understand a bit more Estonian than he let on!

Next week, both boys are attending a week of cub scout day camp – I think they’ll be picking up right where we left off!

As for me, I grew even closer to the family that is so far away.  Technology has made staying in touch that much easier, but it is still no substitute for the real thing!  I will be counting the days till my next visit! 

In the meantime, I have to get back to the work of quilting!  When I arrived home, my new package of Island Batik fabric samples were waiting for me.  I  have to finalize my next design for them and order the fabric so I can finish the next quilt in time for Fall Market in Houston in October.  I’ve got lots of work to do (not to mention unpacking and laundry), so signing off for now!!



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  1. Sounds like it was a simply fantastic trip! I enjoyed following your vacation on the blog–gave me the arm chair experience! Hope things are getting settled for you–will talk to you soon!

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