The ocean might separate us, but there is still definitely a family resemblance.  Interestingly the similarities do not end with physical appearances.  Personality traits are evidently genetic.  Here are all but one of my first cousins on my father’s side.  I am standing in the middle.  The next generation is showing the same similarities!


My uncle prepared 3 bonfires.  This is the largest, primary one.  It stands in a clearing in the woods. 


Yesterday we drove to the northern part of Estonia to visit with my other cousin for a few days.  She is a speech therapist and her husband is a driver and assistant to the Portugese ambassador in Estonia. 

Our weather prayers have been answered.  The weather has turned beautiful with a promising warm and clear forecast.  This afternoon we’ll go to a northern beach and tomorrow we are taking a ferry to Helsinki for the day.  This is an unexpected bonus trip.  Truly a Scandinavian tour this  trip:  Norway, Estonia, and Finland.


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  1. Your trip sounds so wonderful! Here we’re battling temps approaching 100 on a daily basis (heat indices are well over 100)–I’ll take Estonia weather any day! Hope it continues to be as idyllic as it’s been–I’m enjoying the posts and photos!!

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