The simple life!

The last few days have been very relaxing, just hanging around the farm.    This is a stork, whose large nest sits atop a utility pole.  Storks mate for life and come back to the same nest every year.  There are 2 babies in the nest.


On Monday, we attended a service at the local ceremony rededicating a monument to those who gave their life for their country.  Monday evening, we attended a celebration in the town square complete with folk dancing, singing and the first official bonfire in the area.


Yesterday was Jaaniõhtu – the shortest night of the year.  After Christmas it is the biggest holiday of the year.   Bonfires are lit all over the countryside and family and friends gather to eat, drink and be merry!  This time, we brought along some American traditions that seemed to go over very well:  marshmallows and glow sticks.  The glow stcicks actually resembled a type of worm that is found in the forest at this time of year that glow similarly to our lightning bugs (which they do not have)  Needless to say roasted marshmallows and s’mores were a big hit with the children!

This was my third Jaaniõhtu in Estonia and it was very comfortable for me now that mostly everyone that was here was familiar and just like visiting with family that you only see at any large holiday family get-together.  Three years can go by very fast! 

For my husband and kids, it was also more comfortable since there is quite a bit more English being spoken, especially by our generation and younger.  Estonian is a language only similar to Finnish and also difficult to learn.  The boys have picked up a few key words, but the Estonians like to practice their English!

More pictures later! 


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