Kindergarten Quilt

I just had to share my latest quilt project!  My younger son attends a Lutheran church based full day Kindergarten.  Each week they focus on a different letter of the alphabet.  Last week was “Q” week, so naturally I had asked if I could do a quilt project with the kids.  It went so well and the kids enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share.  For all those quilter moms and and teachers out there it was super easy and very popular! 

The art teacher gave me sheets of 12″ x 18″ paper that was slightly heavier than cardstock – more like the oaktag of my school days.  Using my rulers and my son’s help, we drew a 4 x 4 grid on each with 3″ squares.  Using my rotary cutter, I trimmed  the paper into 12″ blocks.  Then I took all of my fabric scraps (especially the ones from the boys’ and other juvenile quilts I had made) and cut 3″ squares of fabric.  I sprayed the fabric with sizing first to give it a little extra body.  I must have cut 400 squares!  I sorted them by color family and brought it all to school.  Each child picked their own squares to put on their block.  Applying glue to the paper with a glue stick seemed to work really well.  I was worried that regular white glue would get too gloppy with the fabric. 

When we were done, we had 18 unique 12″ blocks, which the teacher and I then arranged into a quilt on the wall.  We used colored tape in between the blocks and one of those pre-cut wavy bulletin-board borders around the outside edge.  It looks great!  The kids were so proud of their individual and group quilt!  The next day the teacher told me I had turned them all into mini quilt monsters as they cut up pieces of paper and wallpaper samples during their free time to make more quilts  (even the boys!)!  I couldn’t be more proud!

The pictures are a little skewed because the quilt is in a hallway and I couldn’t get it all in standing in front of it!

Q is for Quilt

Kindergarten Quilt

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