It’s a wonderful life

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We are all settled into our new home and really enjoy being close to my husband’s family. Christmas just seemed that much more comfortable this year, since we’ve been togther so much this past year. Even my mother seemd to manage to enjoy herself a little.

Our 5 year old Andrew was very much into Santa Claus this year and the 9 year old is still hanging on with no signs of doubt. Even more beautiful was how much Andrew was excited that we were celebrating the birth of Jesus and often told us. On the hour car ride back from Grandma’s house on Christmas night, while Stephen slept, Andrew went on and on about about what Christmas “was really about – giving and love.” I think 5 year olds are often much more in tune to what is important than we grown-ups.

And then there is my incredibly supportive husband, who keeps cheerleading me on in my crazy quilting adventures. I just happened to mention that self-threading needles would make burying threads easier. Don’t you know that man found a quilt store on the way back from a business meeting a few days before Christmas and put them in my stocking. He never ceases to amaze me!

Every day I count my blessing to have such a wonderful family and be able to pursue my dream. It’s a wonderful life! Hope your holidays were extra special this year!


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