A funny thing happened…

Did you ever wonder if there’s a reason why you’ve met a particular person?  I was never interested in getting married or having a family until I met my husband 15 years ago.  But now I cannot imagine life any other way. 

Last spring, as I was just starting to  think about how I was going to start this new business venture, I just happened to stop and talk to the father of one of my son’s classmates as we were both picking up our kids at school.  I happened to know he had just started his own business (I had no idea what kind) and so I just wanted to ask if he could point me in the right direction for filing the appropriate papers to make it official.  Turns out he’s a bit of an internet maven and six months later, he and his wife have become  friends. 

Last night, we invited them over for Christmas cookies and a glass of wine to celebrate the holidays.  We’ve all been very busy with our lives and so haven’t talked much in the last few months.  I began to talk about the frustrations I was having in getting the business moving forward as fast I would like.  Now mind you, we haven’t known each other very long and yet he was able to read me like a book and tell me what I didn’t want to hear but needed to.  Essentially he said, I am paralyzed by perfection and that if I wait until I have things perfect, I’ll never get anything done.   Those of you who know me are laughing right now – because that is one of my biggest challenges – I’m a perfectionist.  It is a personality trait with very mixed blessings!  I have very high expectations of myself and demand perfection on anything I try to do.  Those of you who also fall into this category know how frustrating that can be when you can’t meet your own expectations, let alone those of someone else. 

My friend was right, I can’t seem to make progress on getting my patterns to you because I can’t seem to get them perfect enough (for me anyway!).  If it’s not a software issue, it’s a printing issue, etc.  I’m not saying that the directions aren’t as accurate as I can humanly make them – but they may not contain all the bells and whistles that I’d like to see in them and with them.  So I’m going to give it my best shot and try to overcome my “perfection paralysis” and make some progress.  Some of those bells and whistles will just have to wait!

Sometimes we all need to listen to someone who is a bit more objective than those who are close to us.  It might not always be easy to hear, but we need to listen with an open mind and heart.  My friend’s advice may be one of the most valuable gifts I receive this Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, it’s almost here and I think after a few more batches cookies we’re ready!  We had barely moved into our new house last Christmas so this year we are much more relaxed and feel much more at home.  Hope all of your holiday preparations are going well and that you are able to take time and truly enjoy the spirit of the holidays.  


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