Ho!Ho!Ho! – Bah humbug!

Well I was on a roll!  Kids – gotta love them!  My Andrew (5) has been on and off sick with a bad cough for a month now, but this Monday it got worse.  This time the doctor detected some wheezing and put him on a nebulizer and antibiotics.  Of course last night was the big Christmas program that the kids have been practicing for months.  I had to get him better to get through that or he’d be devastated.  The treatments worked – he read his lines loud and clear with not a cough to be heard.  It was so cute!  He starts public school next year for 1st grade, so sadly, this will be our last Christmas program.  He just had to get better!

Now that he’s on the mend, I’m sure my 9 year old will be sick on Christmas Eve.  Family tradition, you know!    Anyone else have traditions like that, too?!

My printer encouraged me very strongly to get Microsoft Publisher to avoid any formatting/printing issues.  I have been working in Word.  I listened, ordered the software and of course the CD drive on the computer crashed.  Finally got that up and running via phone support from HP.  Amazing  – over the internet they were able to reach out and and get into my computer – she erased a few files (I hope I didn’t need them!) and Voila!  it was fixed.  I was very impressed!  Back in business!  I’m trying to get that booklet done, believe me! 

I can’t believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away!  Everything will get done I keep telling myself.  My husband says I’m most productive when I have a lot on my plate. His theory will be tested once again – I hope he’s right!

Keep shopping – the economy needs a lift!  I know I’ve been doing my part!


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