Quilt Show Kaleidoscope wins 2nd place ribbon!

With just a few weeks to spare before the deadline of my local
quilt guild’s (Courthouse Quilters) challenge, I managed to put
together an entry that ultimately won 2nd place! The challenge
rules stipulated that the quilt contain “10” of something-
anything to celebrate the guild’s 10th show at the Prallsville
Mills coming up this October 5-7. It also needed to have bits of
red and tan to represent the mills.

My inspiration was the large round millstone I took a picture of
at our last show in 2010. Also having recently purchased
Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 software, I created round, 8-sectioned
kaleidoscopes form various images I also took at the 2010 show.

Some kaleidoscopes were much more obvious than others – but that
was the fun part – watching the guild members try to guess what
images/scenes could have possibly made the various kaleidoscopes.

I will post the original images on my website. Can you guess
which ones correspond to which kaleidoscopes?

Join us at the10th Quilts at the Mill Quilt Show in Stockton, NJ
October 5-7, 2012! There will be a special exhibit of all of the
challenge quilts as well as many more beautiful quilts to gaze
at, chances to win our member-made raffle quilt or mini quilts,
handmade items to purchase at our boutique and plenty of vendors
to shop at!

Please go towww.courthousequilters.comfor more information on the
show! See you there!


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