QUILTapestry technique debuts in the NQA Quilting Quarterly

Did you get your copy of the Winter 2012 NQA Quilting Quarterly?

You’ll find my directions on how to finish a quilt – the
QUILTapestry way! Essentially it is a no-binding technique that
also incorporates a rod pocket – great for wall quilts! You’ll
also find directions for my Ribbon Star QUILTapestry where you
can try it out!

I developed the technique when I was making my Scandinavian
series quilts. I wanted the quilts to finish with a neat edge,
but I didn’t want the visual effect that a binding would add.

Pictures of all three quilts are on page 9 along with a picture
of me wearing my Estonian national costume! The technique is also
great for keeping neat the backs wall quilts with lots of
embellishment or the not so perfect bobbin stitches of a novice
machine quilter!

If you aren’t a member of NQA and don’t receieve the magazine,
check out my website to see the quilts and a few more! Patterns
for the Scandinavian series quilts are available through my
website or at www.QuiltWoman.com.

Happy Quilting!


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