My son caught the Quilting Bug!


Looking at this picture evokes all kinds of ideas – a superhero bug, an alien, etc.  Not sure exactly what my 11 year old was thinking when he was told to create a tracing design for a kaleidescope project in his 5th grade art class.  But now look at the finished result below and tell me he’s not the son of a quilter!


 Let’s see what influences his mom has on him: a square on point in the center, “patchwork” wings (with curved seams no less! – he really liked the Flip Flop Block concept – see previous post), corner elements that tie the “blocks” together, small flower elements in between.  The school district’s art program has some talented teachers that have resulted in some really neat artwork coming home – but this has to be my favorite!  This one is destined for framing and possibly a quilt design!  I love that my son thinks it’s cool that his mom is a quilter and love it even more that we get inspiration from each other!

Happy 4th!


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