New Classes!

I am so excited to tell you about some new classes that I will be teaching at a great little quilt shop in Englishtown, NJ.  The store is called Fabric Inspirations  (732) 792-0083 and when you walk into the store you’ll understand that the name truly fits!  As I’ve told Linda Eaves, the store’s owner, if I had the opportunity to stock a store with fabric, it would probably look just like hers!  The store is not big, but every square inch is filled with lots of color and quilting inspiration!

Now for more on the classes! 

On April 1st and 8th, I will be teaching a 2-part class:  Electric Quilt for Beginners.  The class is intended for two groups of quilters:

Group 1: Those of you who bought either Electric Quilt 6 or 7 and it’s still sitting in the box or untouched on your laptop.

Group 2: Those of you who are curious, but don’t know whether or not you’re ready to make the jump.  For this group, we can install a 14 day free trial copy onto your laptop (please call to make sure you have the right computer requirements).  This way you can take the class and see for yourself.  If you have enough interest to get this far, I’d be willing to bet that you won’t be able to resist once you find out how easy it is to design the quilt you’ve been wanting to make!

On April 16, I will be teaching an all day class:  QUILTapestry: Orphan Block Rescue

This class is for those of you curious about my technique for finishing a wall quilt without a binding.  We will “rescue” one of your 12″ orphan blocks and turn it into a mini wall quilt while learning my technique.  It’s fun and fast and you’ll have something finished to bring home!

Here’s an example of a block I rescued!

 QUILTapestry: Orphan Block Rescue

Contact the store for more information or to just sign-up!

See you in class!


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