Why every quilter needs at least 2 machines!

After 5 scheduled days off and a snow day on top of that, I was so happy to put the kids on the bus this morning!  I love my kids – but really,  they needed to go back to school and I needed to get back to my sewing machine!

After about 20 minutes, my needle suddenly jammed, bent and then broke.  It’s pretty rare for that to happen to me – but ok I knew my needle was a little on the fine side for what I was doing.  So I put  a new needle in, re-threaded the machine and then the noise started.  My baby did not sound happy 🙁   After messing around with the bobbin area for a while, I came to the conclusion, that something ugly must have happened down there when that needle jammed.  She needed to go to the hospital.  Then came the really bad news – she probably wouldn’t get looked at until the end of the week!!!!!  Oh, no!!!

Fortunately, I have a Janome 6500 sitting at home in a box.  When the 6600 came out so quickly after the 6500 – I was advised not to trade-in the 6500 since I would not get my money’s worth on such a new machine. )  Evidently it was very good advice, but for a much different reason!  So I am happily sewing again on my newest project and despite the flurries today – the kids are still in school!  🙂 

Moral of the story:  If you are a serious sewer – always have a back-up!  I think one is probably enough, but I have a few friends who could probably jam quite a few needles before they run out of machines!!  You know who you are!!:) 


2 thoughts on “Why every quilter needs at least 2 machines!

  1. So you found your bobbin case cover? or did you have to run back to the hospital and pick up the cover from the 6600? My only back-up machine is my Featherweight (unless you care to include various treadle machines as back ups–heaven knows I wouldn’t want to count those as possible back ups!)

    Happy sewing!

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