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It’s been such a crazy busy week.  I’ve been trying to write this since Tuesday.   Now that we’re stuck in the house with a blizzard blowing outside, I have some time! 


I found out at the beginning of the week that Driftwood was juried into the new AQS show in Lancaster at the end of March! I am very excited!!  It will be judged in the Wall Quilt Category.  I think the chances of it winning a prize are slim because I am sure that it will be up against some amazing quilts from some very skilled quilters, many of whom are on the east coast – think Jinny Beyer, Karen Kay Buckley, among others.    As far as I’m concerned Driftwood has already had to pass through one set of judges just to get into the exhibit.  I have already received a “Contestant” ribbon which I get to wear on my name badge when I go.  I’ll take that!

The link to the show:  http://www.americanquilter.com/shows_contests/lancaster/2010/general_info/

This is the show I talked about at the end of last year.  There had been another large show in Lancaster which closed it’s doors.  The American Quilter Society (AQS), which hosts the famous show in Paducah,  took advantage of the opportunity to add its first show on the east coast.   While in the midwest, I never made it to Paducah (which for you non-quilter readers is like going to Mecca for quilters)  It requires reservations for accomodations at least a year in advance and even those are hard to come by.  In addition, the show is primarily held during the workweek.  With two small children and a  husband with limited vacation time, I hadn’t gotten to the point where I could swing that one before we moved!

I did have the opportunity to go to the AQS Nashville show several times, however, before they moved it to Knoxville.  The show was held at the Opryland Hotel which is like a city under roof, but I think I’ve talked about that before.  In 2005, Treasure Chest (HMD-103) was juried into that exhibit.  In 2006, Ring Around the Rosie was juried into the Guild Challenge Category along with 9 other amazing challenge quilts from my guild.  Our guild challenge that year was entitled “Childhood Games.  We drew games out of a hat which we then had to depict in a quilt.  It was a lot of fun.

I hope that some of you will be able to see Driftwood in person – maybe I’ll even bump into you while you’re there!  If you want to make your own,  don’t forget you can purchase the pattern – HMD-104!   It’s not a beginner quilt, but it’s not as hard as it looks.  The pattern takes you through it step by step with a diagram for every one!

See you in Lancaster!


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  1. This is SO EXCITING!!! I’m doing a happy dance for you over here (where we’re expecting 12″ of snow in the next 24 hours)! It’s a well-deserved recognition for a beautiful quilt.

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