Celtic knot follow-up

A little late evidently, but I finally went on the AQS website to check out the new Lancaster show coming at the end of March.  Turns out Linda Hahn is teaching the Celtic knot workshop, but it is already full!  Told you it was a great class!  There is a wait list you can get on.  Don’t know if that is just for cancellations or if they’ll add another class.  It’s worth a try!  It seemed a good number of the classes are already full but there’s still more workshops and lectures to choose from.  Better act now!

Speaking of which – you better also  book a room.  I got one, but there doesn’t  seem to be  a lot of those left either.

After having been in the midwest for 9 years, it’s interesting to see the difference in quilt show interest.  The AQS Paducah show was the show that as a quilter you just had to attend.  But it was quite the challenge to find a room.  Reservations a year in advance were a must.  I guess I just couldn’t plan that far in advance, not with 2 small children, anyway.  So sadly, I never made it. 

I did attend the Nashville show three times, which in itself was an interesting venue.  It was always held at the Opryland Hotel.  If you’ve never been, it’s like a city under-roof, complete with its own river.  What it lacked was public transportation!  It could easily take 20 minutes at a brisk pace to get from one end to the other (add another 20 minutes if you made a wrong turn!).  I guess the benefit to that was not feeling guilty about eating all the rich food!  I generally don’t like country music, but I loved attending the Grand Ole Opry performances each time.  Something about that place is really special.

Now that I’m on the east coast, Lancaster seems to be one of the big draws.  I didn’t have a chance to attend the previously owned Lancaster show the first 2 years I was here, so I am determined to make it in 2010.  Should be fun!  I’m signed up for a lecture on learning to use all those other settings on my digital camera.  I finally figured out how to use the close-up feature, but haven’t a clue on what all those other settings can do for me! 

 Very exciting news regarding Helle-May Designs coming soon!  More on that shortly!


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