It’s here! Dandelion Wine is in print!

Just went to bring in the mail (and the trash can) and what do you know – there’s the October/November issue of Quilter’s Home Magazine.  Somehow, I managed to wait until I got into the house before I even opened it!  There on page 47 was a picture of Dandelion Wine in all its glory! Can you tell I’m excited?!  Mark even gave it a nice little paragraph to introduce it.  The only small issue I have is that my blog site (  is listed instead of the website  But I think that most quilters are computer savvy enough to get where they need to go!

A few weeks ago, Mark asked Kindred Quilts, the local quilt shop in Clinton, NJ, to kit all three of the quilts in the magazine, so if you’re interested, please go to the store or log onto  If you actually go, it’s a cute little shop in a very walkable, historic town. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon in fall!

Oh yeah – and don’t forget to pick up an issue of Quilter’s Home!  When you’re done looking at Dandelion Wine, there’s quite a lot of interesting reading!


3 thoughts on “It’s here! Dandelion Wine is in print!

  1. HOW EXCITING!!!! I will try to get to a store soon and grab a copy!!! That way I can run around work, bee, and guild and show everyone the issue and say “I know this woman!” Ah yes, living “la vida de quilter” vicariously! Big congratulations to you!!

  2. Thank you! As soon as you finish that gorgeous quilt I saw a peak of – you will no doubt attract a lot of attention! I can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. I FINALLY have a copy of “Quilter’s Home” in my hot little hands!!! Your quilt looks GORGEOUS in there!!! It photographed beautifully–I hope you raised a glass of wine (champagne would be even better) to yourself for this one!


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