Pictures from the Festival

I took 99 pictures at the festival before my battery died.  Here are just a few.  When I get home I will load them all into a photo sharing website.

Dance Celebration:  Dancers entering the stadium from all directions:


7,500 dancers altogether:


The ship at sea:


Back from the sea, ladies in waiting, and together again:


Can’t get this close the president’s house in the U.S.!  On our way to the parade we took a shortcut through the president’s property.


 My boys – they made me very happy by wearing the vests and hats even if for only a short while!


Song festival:  Ampitheater grounds before and after.  Tallinn harbor is is in the background

Nearly 25,000 singers on one stage!

before-singers.jpg     full-stage.jpg

 The torch has been lit, let the singing begin!


Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into Estonia’s most favorite celebration!


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