Laulupidu (Estonian Song Festival)

Tonight was the start of the Estonian Dance and Song Festival that I had talked about in a post before I left.  The festival is a very big deal in Estonia.  It is an occasion of national pride and solidarity.

Tomorrow morning we drive to Tallinn for the dance concert in the morning and song concert in the evening.  In between there is a procession through town of all the partakers dressed in national costume.  Most Estonian onlookers will also be dressed for the occasion including me and if I can convince them, my boys, too, will at least be wearing a vest and hat.  The festival continues on Sunday.  We may go back for the final concert dependent on weather.  Hopefully by Monday I will be able to post some pictures.  In the meantime, you can look at   for more information on the festival.


One thought on “Laulupidu (Estonian Song Festival)

  1. The song festival was great – I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found this great little timelapse video on Youtube of the folk dancing and song festival:

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