I am behind in my posting due to time and connection constraints.  My husband went home last week and so he is also waiting for me to update the blog.  I am not very good about journaling, so this has been a great excercise for me.

The following are pictures from my cousin, Katrin’s, home in northern Estonia.  It, like most farms, has been passed down through the family.  This was her husband’s family farm – Tatsu Talu. (talu – farm in Estonian)   I call her my city cousin, because she is a bit more modern in her ways.  Over the last 10 years, the house has undergone quite the renovation and is is still in progress.  The other building is more typical of an old barn.


It took us a day to recover from our long day trip to Helsinki.  On Sunday, we started making our way back toward our temporary home away from home.  First stop was Tallinn, capital of Estonia.  Here is a picture from the “Kodak Moment” picture stop.  Red roof tops of Tallinn as seen from Old Town.


As I have been here several times already, we only made a quick stop to see the new monument that was dedicated to the first Estonian Republic in 1918.  As is the case with many monuments funded by public monies, this one was not without controversy for the amount spent, especially due to today’s economic woes.  Nevertheless, it was beautiful by day and I’m sure striking at night.  It is very modern, created from panels of what looks like crystallized glass and lighted from within.  I am still working on the translation of the poem.


Our next stop was a visit to my cousin, Kristina’s, new home.  SHe and her husband purchased an older small home not too far from Tallinn and close to the sea.  They added to it and are still woring on the interior.  It is typical modern Scandinavian style.  The kitchen is from Ikea.  My relatives have been amazed that Ikea is also big in America.  Most of the furniture that I bought for my first house in Philadelphia came from Ikea.  It’s really good quality unassembled furniture – I still have most of it.  Ok – that’s my plug for Ikea.

We took a walk and saw a cave and some beautiful wildflowers.


After dinner, the boys and I took the bus “home” to my cousin Ülle’s house near Pärnu.  Funny, how even while away from your real home, you establish a home away from home where everything is familar and comfortable.   


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  1. Käisin jälle lugemas. Olen üllatunud ja väga uhke selle üle,mkui ilus kõik tundub piltidel. Ilus oled Eestimaa!
    Aitäh, Helle- May, et seda mulle näitasid!
    Meil on ees veel terve ILUS nädal!

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