Last day of school!

When I started this whole idea of going into business, it was predicated on the fact that last September, my youngest son started full day Kindergarten.  Where did the time go?  Yesterday was his last day of Kindergarten and I will admit that I cried! Not because he won’t be in school for the summer, but because I can’t believe my baby is a first grader!  He spent his Kindergarten year at St. Paul’s Christian School which houses pre-school through 1st grade.  Next year he will attend public school.  The only year he and his brother will actually be in the same school.  I am looking forward to that!

I asked him on Thursday if he was sad that school was ending.  His response was classic:  “No, Mommy”, he said, “I’m going to first grade in September and there will be even more work!”  No, I did not make that up – he really said that!  He loves school and loves learning new things!  Fortunately, 2 of his best friends will be attending the same school with him in the fall.  I, on the other hand, was very sad to be leaving such a wonderful school.  Each day, as I would bring him and pick him up from school, I had the opportunity to interact daily with the teacher, other children and parents.  Putting him on the bus every day will just not be the same!

Since I had done the quilt project back in February with the kids during “Q” week, I thought it be would be great to make quilted teacher’s gifts to remember Andrew.  Each month, Quilters’ Newsletter prints a 3″ paper pieced pattern.  I selected 4 that would be  appropriate and asked Andrew to pick out the fabrics.  At the local Michael’s craft shop, I found these cute little wood frames and easles, that Andrew painted to match.  They were a big hit!

teacher-pics-web.jpg        andrew-teacher-web.jpg


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