Like being back in college!

Whew!  I did it – I made all my deadlines! There were some really late nights this week as I worked to finish the pattern for Dandelion Wine.  I had flashbacks to writing papers back in my college years.  Ony this time, I had a computer instead of a typewriter.   Remember those things!   You don’t even see them at garage sales anymore!  Computers sure make editing a lot easier – I used to hate those white out cartridges!  OK – I’m dating myself now!

My kids experienced a new side of Mommy – a bit more stressed than usual – a bit more lenient than usual – due to standardized testing at school they had no homework – so “sure, you can watch TV until Daddy gets home, just don’t bother Mommy!”  I reassured them it, hopefully, wouldn’t happen too often.  I think they mixed feelings!  They managed and as a reward we all went out to dinner on Thursday night and had a very enjoyable evening.

In any event, there’s nothing like a deadline to get things done.  With the help of my husband and two dear quilter friends who agreed to edit and proof during the last 48 hours prior to meeting the printer’s deadline, I got it done!  I’m pretty confident that the directions are clear and that we caught any errors.   I dropped off the files on Thursday and much to my surprise picked up the pattern on Friday!  I have to give a plug here to my printer – Cornerstone Printing and Imaging in Flemington, NJ.  They have become a wonderful partner to this novice entrepreneur, dealing with my inexperience when it comes to printing related software issues as well as understanding a my business concept.  I highly recommend them for your printing needs if you are in the area.

I will ship the patterns to The Pattern Peddlers on Monday so that they have them in their warehouse for any orders they get next weekend at Market.  A lot, I hope!   Then I have a few days before driving to Pittsburgh on Friday to attend myself.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and pick up another job!   The pattern will also be available from my website by the end of the weekend.  Yeah!!

One last thing – Hope everyone enjoys a Happy Mother’s Day!!  I’m glad that mine will be stress free.   My mom and I will enjoy our annual tradition of going shopping!  I’m not really a shopper, but for as long as I can remember, Mom and I have gone shopping and bought each other something new to wear on Mother’s Day.   Afterwards, we’ll come home and enjoy a relaxing dinner with my husband and the kids.

Enjoy your weekend! 


One thought on “Like being back in college!

  1. I still have anxiety dreams some nights when I’m over tired or stressed that I’m back in college and finals are here and all of a sudden I realize I’ve not gone to class and I’ve missed all the lectures!! Ugh! That, of course, never really happened–but the dreams sure aren’t fun! I had a typewriter, too–a little Corona (electric)…….this confession may make me sound “old” but hey, at least there was electricity when I was in college!

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