Great News!

Sorry for the ominous last post.  Having been a customer service manager for many years, I have very little patience for customer service reps conveying conflicting information.  I shopped around a bit and decided that despite the challenges I was having with my hosting site’s contract department, they provide a good package for a do- it- yourselfer at a reasonable price.  So for now, I’ve decided to stay the course with them.

Having said all that – I finally finished the store portion of my website!!!  YEAH!!!!  Please go and take a look around.  Selection is limited right now  – but it will grow!   I made a test purchase myself today, and everything seemed to work fine.  I’m sure I’ll keep refining as I go along.  As my friend said, if I wait until it’s perfect, I’ll never get started! 

If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear. 


P.S.  For the beginning of March – it certainly looks a lot more like January!  We have at 5 inches on the ground!  It’s the snowstorm I’ve been waiting for all winter to really go sledding with the boys!

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