Good news/Not so good news

Just when I think I have everything under control….

The Good News:  I approved the proofs of the Christmas Candy pattern, so the printer should be working on those as I write.  I am so glad that pattern is finally off my desk.  It came out well and I learned a lot from it.  Forthcoming patterns will be done a lot differently and hopefully take  a lot less time!

The Not so good news:  I wanted to finally get the shop up and running before the end of this month, but I’ve been struggling with my website host’s customer service department since Novemeber regarding the “e-commerce” side of the site.  I signed up for (or at least I thought I did) for their basic package, but somehow something got messed up and they linked a professional (i.e. more expensive) package to my site. Everytime I talk to someone I get a different answer.  The latest answer I got was that they can’t unlink it without canceling my whole website.  I’m tired of arguing, so… I’m looking elsewhere.  Of course, I worry about making it all a smooth transition and not losing what I want to keep – my domain names, the blog content…  I’m sure if I were a bit more of a computer geek, I wouldn’t be so anxious – but quite honestly it’s all Greek to me!  These computer guys through around internet terms and acronyms like it’s somehting I should have learned in 2nd grade.

I’m done with arguing and I want to get this done, so hopefully within the week, I’ll have this issue resolved.  There may be as much as 24-48 hours of downtime during the transition – so don’t get worried.  If all goes well, should still exist when the dust settles.  As for the blog – I’m not sure exactly where that will reside.

Wish me luck! Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!!  The one web hosting site I like so far is called InMotion Hosting.  If you have any comments, let me know.


P.S.  I just had a thought – I’m going to check out putting a blog on Blogspot at least for the transition.  I’ll keep you posted.

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