There’s something going around…

Glad that week is over! Andrew caught some kind of stomach bug and was home sick for 2 days and then shared with Mommy. (No one realizes how much stuff Mom manages until she can’t get herself out of bed and suddenly no one knows what to do! I know all those Moms out there are nodding in agreement.) While this was going on, I was trying to get my stuff finished for an opportunity to market my Christmas Candy pattern at my local quilt guild tonight. I was able to just barely finish the tablerunner and wallhanging variations of the pattern. (Pictures soon!)

The good news was that I finally resolved my technical/software issues with the printer. The bad news was that the “bug” kept me from finishing the instructions for the tablerunner and wallhanging. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back! I’m getting closer, though! I’m determined to have something for sale in the store by the end of the month!!!!! Can you sense the frustration?!

Other good news – I did manage to sell my first 2 copies of patterns tonight! (With an IOU for the remainder of the directions.) It’s a start! Baby steps…


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