Great Gadget

I’ve been meaning to tell you about a great gift I received from my husband this year for Christmas.  (Of course there was a little hint-dropping involved!)  I’d seen it advertised and one of the gals had it at our guild retreat last spring.  Essentially it’s a little LED light on a flexible arm that you can attach to your sewing machine for light just where you need it.  It’s basicallythe same as one of those mini book lights, except that you plug this in.  I can’t tell you how much difference there is when you have this light on and aimed at the needle versus just the machine light.  It’s literally like night and day!  It sounds pricey at $50, but when you consider that the bulb will last you the rest of your life (100,000 hours) it seems like a bargain! 

This was a no-brainer for the husband who spent $400 on new outdoor LED Christmas lights to outline the house.  We should never have to buy new ones again! He was able to connect 25 sets together and plug it into just one outlet.  The LED lights use a lot less electricity than regular lights – so I am looking forward to seeing what our electric bill looks like.

Back to sewing – Many quilt shops are carrying the Bendable Bright Light – so please support your local shop and check there first.  If you have no success – then check out the website in the blogroll. 

My husband also gave me a tripod for Christmas – which I will admit – my first thought was what a strange gift (especially since we have one)!  However, being my best supporter – he immediately answered my bewildered look by saying that it was to make photographing my quilts easier!  Our old tripod was a bit short for the larger quilts and I usually reverted to setting the camera on a ladder!  What a husband!

Happy Sewing!


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