The story continued…

So,  as I was saying… Evidently when it comes to pattern writing, I’m a little too verbose and I got a bit carried away with diagrams (once I figured out how to draw them well.)  In order to fit into the standard pattern mold, I’d have to lose a lot of meat.  Well, never having been one to fit the standard mold (my friends and family will attest to this!), I’ve decided that the best thing to do is to “do it my way!”  What I realized is that what I had practically written (duh!) was what I am calling a mini-book.  With just a few more pages and a few more projects based on the same instructions, I would have something much more substantial than just a pattern to piece a top. 

So that’s where I am and why you still haven’t seen a pattern for sale.  My first “mini-book” is based on the Christmas Candy design and will contain several projects based on that design.   Despite the fact that the main block and sash block are all made from various triangles, I believe the directions and diagrams are clear enough for a quilter that considers her(him)self at least a confident beginner.  I  include detailed instructions on mitered borders – which I know scare a lot of quilters.  I’m not going to lie and say they are easy – not everything in life is easy – but I present my reasonably simplified method for achieving them.  Ideas for quilting and complete binding instructions are also included. 

There are still a lot of seasoned quilters that still struggle with how to turn corners and end the binding.  Ok – I’m going to get on my soapbox now.  I think that’s because the majority of patterns and workshops out there only focus on getting through the piecing of the quilt top and that’s where the instructions end.  How many of you have sewn a garment from a pattern?  Those directions take you from how to cut out the pieces to how to finish that final hem.  When you’re done, you can proudly wear that skirt or dress.  So many quilt pattern instructions, however, leave the quilter with these parting words,”layer, quilt as desired, and bind.”  No wonder there are so many UFO’s out there!   OK, enough of my rant.

So please bear with me as I finish this first project.  I’d love to hear your comments on my approach! 


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