Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

Some exciting news to share today!

  • Did you receive your Connecting Threads catalog in the mail yet?  Turn to page 39 and you will see that they have made my Treasure Chest pattern (HMD-103) into a kit using their Midnight Garden fabric collection.  The colors are slightly different than the original, but it’s stunning, nonetheless!  If you didn’t get a catalog, go to www.ConnectingThreads.com and look under Kits.  Order yours today!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)
  • Did you see the December/January edition of Quilters Newsletter?  Turn to page 21 and you will read the nicest story about The 17-Year Cicadas, written by my good friend/ pattern editor/blog commentator Constance (Connie) Vanni!  I only wish they had also printed a picture of the quilt!  It’s absolutely beautiful!  (Maybe she’ll read this and send me a picture that I can post!)
  • Finally, if you been putting off the purchase of any new patterns, here’s your opportunity!  www.QuiltWoman.com, pattern publisher of my and numerous other talented designers’ patterns is having a FREE SHIPPING sale!  Now, through November 18, put in the Coupon Code: FREESHIP and there will be no shipping fees on orders of $20 and over!  Sorry, US retail customers, only!  Don’t delay – you know you’ve been meaning to do it!

That ought to keep you busy for a little while!  Back in a few with pictures from Grandmom’s 90th birthday party and the special quilt I just finished making for her!


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1 Response to Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

  1. Liz says:

    Great job, Helle-May !!!!!

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