Santa Ornament update

Went to my guild meeting last night determined to find out who made that adorable Santa ornament that I copied 36 times! (See Dec 30 post) So, as I was talking to one of my good friends, Liz, I showed her my quest.  Wouldn’t you know it was she, who made them!  That was easy!  Turns out they originate from Eleanor Burns’ 1995 book Quilt in a Day Christmas Quilts & Crafts. 

Christmas Quilts & Crafts (Quilt in a Day)

Amazingly, it is still available at  Didn’t realize she had so many books – 4 pages worth!!!   Looks like I might have to invest in one more book, darn!

Never too early to start getting ready for Christmas!


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  1. Connie says:

    Eleanor is definitely one of the grand dames of the quilt world, isn’t she! Writes a good book, too!

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